Climate Initiatives

Producing pharmaceuticals that have less impact on the environment.

Pharmaceutical firms like us need to find efficient ways to produce pharmaceuticals that have less impact on the environment without compromising quality, safety, and efficacy for the patient. This requires innovation, investment in research and development, and business strategies that clearly address how sustainability aspects should be taken into consideration in development and production.

Resource- and climate- efficient operations

Our goals include resource- and climate-efficient operations, reducing internal climate impact and to work for a sustainable value chain. We have purposeful governing documents in place, along with KPI’s to measure our status and

progress. Our Environmental Policy provides the framework for our environmental work. The policy explains how our employees should act to conserve natural resources and minimize the negative impact of our activities. It particularly covers materials and chemicals, energy, waste, and business travel. For example, we use 100 % renewable energy throughout our site and measure our carbon footprint annually regarding our business travels. Galenica’s activities are further reported annually to

the Environmental Administration of the City of Malmö. The purpose is to describe our environmental footprint of our operations and production.

Read more about our climate action in our annual Sustainable Reporting.

Sustainable value chain

“In order to provide a sustainable offering, we need to ensure that other actors in our value chain share our approach to sustainability issues. We do this with governing documents as well as supplier evaluations.

Through Galenica’s supplier evaluation based on social, ethical, and environmental principles, we can do our very best to ensure that our suppliers have a well-developed sustainability programme. It enables dialogue with our stakeholders on sustainability issues, which we view as an opportunity to drive change and work together for a sustainable industry.”

Read more about our Supplier Code of Conduct here. Read more about our supplier evaluation process in our Sustainable Reporting.

Read our latest sustainability report!

Read our latest sustainability report!

We are very proud to announce our sustainability report. Find it here!