Our Story

Founding Galenica

Galenica was founded in 1999 by the pharmacists Ronnie Wallin and Henri Hansson in Malmö, Sweden. Prior to Galenica, they researched and worked in the pharmaceutical sector to build a solid knowledge base within formulation technology. While being curious and entrepreneurial for several years, they rose to the challenge of building a company from the ground up after 10 years in the industry. A gap was identified for a flexible, Swedish pharmaceutical partner for small-and medium-sized firms niched towards galenics and formulations. This, along with development of new pharmaceuticals, was the vision of Galenica.

Galenica has directed its services to small and medium-sized pharmaceutical firms and that is still the strategy. “Although we have several large companies as clients –many of our first clients have grown with us”, according to Ronnie Wallin, Managing Director of Galenica.