Galenica has, with our extensive experience and expertise, guided many clients from early pharmaceutical development all the way to approved drug product on the market.

As a reliable contract development partner of pharmaceutical projects, we have a proven track record when it comes to quality, knowledge and flexibility as well as keeping timelines.

“Highly skilled”

”Galenica is a highly skilled partner that helps us meet the high-quality standards required for our inhalation drug development projects. It is therefore a natural choice for us to collaborate with Galenica for manufacturing of our clinical trial material, among other things.

Galenica has highly skilled employees that also are excellent to collaborate with throughout the planning and execution stages of projects.”

Johan Wäborg

CEO, Iconovo AB

“An important partner”

“Galenica is an important partner for Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium (MVIC).

MVIC has a broad knowledge base within the development of inhaled medicines and Galenica is a highly competent and flexible partner when it comes to formulation development and GMP manufacturing activities, particularly concerning dry powders for inhalation. During several years, MVIC has performed successful development and manufacturing in inhalation projects together with Galenica.”

Lars Asking


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Galenica provide tailor-made business solutions and offers unique flexibility for our clients, with possibilities to either choose single parts of our service or a complete drug development program.