Words from HR Manager

“The competence of our employees creates our success.”

“The competence of our employees creates our success.”

Why should you choose Galenica? The answer is simple. At Galenica you will be an crucial part of our team, working with important pharmaceuticals, with high expectations and developing goals. At the same time, you will also be able to fully be yourself and get to socialize with interesting, competent and kind individuals who will enrich your life.

Take the chance to get to know four of our collages, maybe one of them will become a close friend or an inspiring colleague, as they reflect on their background and everyday work at Galenica.

First name: Magnus

Current position: Head of Clinical Supply & Production

Educational background and year of graduation: Pharmacy degree, University of Gothenburg 2005

Work experience: After graduating, I worked in the supply and manufacture of medicinal products under government auspices. At Galenica, I have previously worked as an R&D Scientist and Senior Scientist in pharmaceutical development. Since 2017, I have been working as Production Manager, responsible for the manufacturing of clinical trial materials and contract manufacturing of medicinal products for commercial use.

Number of years at Galenica: 14

How did you start your journey at Galenica?

Since galenics was what I found most interesting during my education, it was hard not to be attracted to Galenica AB. The company needed staff to work on vaccine development. This matched my background well as I was an exchange student, at Monash University in Melbourne, studying vectors for oral DNA vaccines. My first assignment at Galenica involved ball milling of active substance and its characterization by laser diffraction. In the next project, I worked with formulation and process development for an adjuvant.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

Generally, I start the day by tuning in to make sure my team is up and running with the activities that are planned. In the morning, pulse meetings or work sessions are then completed. After lunch, it is common to gather parts of my team for follow-up and planning, either of line-related activities or production deliverables. The day often ends with review/approval of various quality-related documents.

What is the best/most fun thing about working at Galenica?

New needs and challenges arise constantly in projects and line-related work. Usually Galenica has a diversified project portfolio and I grow in my own knowledge as I get to address new issues.

 First name: Carina

Current position: Area Manager – Dermatology

Educational background and year of graduation: Pharmacy degree 2015

Work experience: After six years as a trial manager and local project manager in clinical trials at a number of CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) and a pharmaceutical company, I decided to move on to the position of Area Manager in Dermatology here at Galenica.

Number of years at Galenica: Less than 1.

How did you start your journey at Galenica?

Throughout my career, I have found that the most enjoyable part has been meeting with customers/collaborators in various clinics and hospitals and working with them to help patients with various diseases and pharmaceutical needs. I came to a point where I wanted to develop further and try a new role where I continued to do all this, but in a different way and then found my current position. Both the role of Area Manager and Galenica felt like a good match, especially since the company’s focus is on dermatology, which has always been one of the therapy areas closest to my heart.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I’m out in the field and have client meetings about three to four days a week across most of the country. The focus area is Stockholm and Mälardalen where I also live, which means that most meetings are within a couple of hours driving distance from home. On a typical day, I hold a scheduled lunch meeting and also try to fit in some office work around it. Usually I’m back in time to work out and have dinner at home, but of course a job like this also involves some overnight stays and air travel.

What is the best/most fun thing about working at Galenica?

For me, based out of my home in Uppsala and therefore not based in an office in Malmö, it has been great to see how incredibly welcoming and nice everyone I have met so far, both digitally and physically, has been. Our sales and marketing team is small and close-knit and we often call each other to discuss various things that happen at work, but also to socialize. Colleagues are incredibly helpful and always willing to pitch in. It is also advantageous that the company is small and Swedish, which means that decision-making paths are short and exciting opportunities for collaboration with other departments sometimes arise.