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It is essential to advocate for transparency and sustainability in our industry.

It is essential to advocate for transparency and sustainability in our industry.

At Galenica, it is important that the world around us trusts us. As we grow, our actions towards customers, suppliers and stakeholders become increasingly important.

As a pharmaceutical company, it is essential to be forward-looking and to advocate transparency and sustainability in the industry. It must be clear to our surrounding what our values, professionalism, integrity and ethical guidelines are.

Corporate strategy

Our Strategic Agenda is our formal 3-year action plan to meet our overall objectives.

Based on our vision and business concept, the plan focuses on achieving our financial objectives through the perspectives of Learning & Development, Processes, Customer and Finance. Our strategic goals for 2022–2024 are in the areas of; Attractive Workplace, Operational Efficiency, Profitable Sales and Financial Stability. As an employee, your personal goals are linked to the goals in the department’s operational action plan, which in turn link to the strategic agenda. It is important that you as an employee can see how you contribute to the company’s development.


We have jointly developed a Code of Conduct in the company that rests strongly on our values and describes what it means to be an employee at Galenica. If you want to go deeper, you will find our Code of Conduct under “Sustainability”.

Our corporate culture promotes the growing family company in strong harmony with our values; Team spirit, Quality, Competence Action. The values have a history that shows the essence of Galenica as they were developed at a joint conference in Barcelona in 2016. The values are described in more detail below.