You have found the API – we have the expertise in pharmaceutical formulation. From substance, through testing, development and formulation, to clinical trials.

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Preformulation and Formulation Services

Preformulation is a critical activity often overlooked in the development of new or existing pharmaceuticals. We are aware of the … Read more »

Clinical Trial Material

Our experienced development scientists formulate and produce required quantities of clinical trial materials for all stages of your project. From … Read more »

Analytical Services

Working to current GMP and ICH guidelines, and pharmacopoeias, Galenica provides pharmaceutical analytical support for a wide variety of development … Read more »

QC Testing

Quality control (QC) testing for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, excipients, and finished products. Our QC analytical laboratories ensure compliance to current … Read more »

Stability Services

All pharmaceutical development activities require thorough stability considerations. Our range of storage capabilities are fully compliant with ICH guidelines. Stability … Read more »

Regulatory Services

As part of the Galenica pharmaceutical services, we provide regulatory consulting. We assist you through the regulatory hurdles associated with … Read more »

Project Management

Every initial contact starts with a discussion between Galenica and your development team. After an evaluation phase the outcome of … Read more »

Galenica expands

We now also actively develop and launch pharmaceutical drugs to the market, utilizing our state-of-the-art expertise in drug formulation, manufacturing and quality control. Our first product is Ovixan®, a new and improved prescription-only cream formulation for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. To enable the promotion of the product in the Nordic markets, where the cream has been approved, Galenica has launched a new Sales and Marketing unit.