words from Project Manager – CSR

Greta lyckenblad

“Follow our journey”

We encourage stakeholders to follow our journey to become a pharmaceutical firm that improves people’s well-being and quality of life in the most sustainable way. As we grow, our actions towards customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders becomes increasingly important. As a pharmaceutical company, it is essential to be forward-looking, to advocate transparency in the industry and to contribute to a sustainable environment. In line with our vision, we want to be a pharmaceutical company with leadership in innovative products that customers, patients and health professionals prefer. Innovation today and in the future must be sustainable.

Over the past decade, we have taken a clear sustainability approach when developing our own medicinal products. For some years now, we have been making major efforts to integrate sustainability as a natural and implemented part of our daily work. At Galenica, we are constantly working to develop, implement and evolve our sustainability strategy in close collaboration with the organization.

Galenica cares for both people and the environment. With our work, we want to inspire other companies and organizations, large and small, inside and outside the pharmaceutical industry, just as so many others inspire and have inspired us.